Meet Steph

hi there, friend!

I’m Steph. Or Stephanie. Really, I’ll answer to both. I’m a wedding photographer based in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. who loves singing in the car at the top of my lungs, crafting Anthro-inspired DIY projects, and drinking great margaritas (salted, on the rocks, of course.)

But what I really love are good stories. You know the ones. They draw you in until you find yourself floating in their world like ice cream in root beer. These stories are the books you can’t put down and the Netflix series you can’t stop binge watching. (Looking at you, House of Cards!) I love a good story, and because I’m the luckiest girl around, I get to see incredible love stories every day through the couples in front of my lens. I click my shutter and another page is added to their chapters, preserved forever so that one day their grandkids will know that the way He looks at Her hasn’t changed in all these years, even if their wrinkles are a little deeper and their hair a tad more gray. With my camera in my hand, I tell the stories of couples who love big adventures and little details; couples who know the value of embracing old traditions and the thrill of creating their own; couples who believe that their wedding is about more than just a day of celebration, but a lifetime of love; couples who welcome me into their world like an old friend they met way back in Chapter One. But most of all, I tell the stories of couples who are wild n’ crazy, over-the-moon in love.

To see more of my photos and read more of my ramblings, head on over to the BLOG!